For the the love of sugar, happiness and serendipitous occasions.

Cranberry Crumb Bars with Mulling Spices

The older I get, the more I come to realize the way memories take shape as they fade into the canvas of our lives. Moments of deep loss and suffering lose their heightened pain — a dull ache slowly replaces them — and those more perfect, luminescent moments soften too, so when you think back on them they’re simply shrouded in a warm glow. It’s the way we humans survive, I think, because those insane peaks and valleys would be all too much to bear if their strength and intensity never softened, making room for those that come next. Life is all about the ebb and flow — the good and the bad moments, the successes and failures — they all somehow work together to create a unique set of circumstances that paint the picture of each individual life. (more…)

Fresh Cranberry Brownies

I apologize for the lack of frequent posts lately. I miss blogging regularly, but planning a wedding is a job in itself, and unfortunately with our wedding timeline it takes priority right now! We’re getting married this fall, and so most big details (and even some of the smaller ones) need to get ironed out now. I’m trying to take it all slowly and in stride, so I enjoy it instead of letting it overwhelm me – and so far, so good! I can see it coming together, and I get giddier by the day just thinking about it. (more…)

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Cookies are a great dessert. Simple to make, entirely portable, perfectly sized, and always delicious. I’ve been making cookies for as long as I can remember – in fact, they were probably the first thing I ever made. I’ve always had a soft sport for chewy oatmeal cookies, and plain old chocolate chip cookies. Individually they are always fantastic, but putting them together makes pretty much the most perfect cookie combination I can imagine. There’s just something about the way it feels to bite into an oatmeal cookie that is crispy and crunchy and chewy all at the same time, studded with bittersweet chocolate and sweet dried fruit. It’s a euphoric experience! (more…)

Eggnog Cranberry Crumb Coffee Cake

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first post of 2012… probably should’ve been posted in 2011, but I got a little excited in the kitchen, and a little lazy on the blog, so I’m still working through holiday posts. Not to fear – there are only a few left, and I have so many fun and exciting ideas for the new year! In the meantime, this recipe would be great for using up any leftover eggnog you’ve still got lying around from the holidays. It’s not heavy on the eggnog flavor, but is still extremely flavorful. (more…)

Pumpkin Cranberry Biscuits

Welcome to bread post #2 today! In an attempt to get all most of my holiday posts up before the New Year, I’m doubling up on posts today, and the both happen to be on my favorite subject: carbs. I love them in every way – for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, as a snack; savory or sweet, and anywhere in between. I like muffins and cookies and cakes and breads and biscuits and EVERYTHING else your mind could imagine. These biscuits are a more healthful carb option, because they use some wheat flour and pureed pumpkin, plus fresh cranberries for some extra flavor. They are moist, moist, moist, and a great accompaniment to any meal. (more…)

Pear Cranberry Crostata

This year for Thanksgiving, we had the biggest crowd that we’ve ever hosted. I have a very small immediate and extended family, and most of my extended family lives in other parts of the country (and world), so holidays are usually just my mom and dad, brother, one uncle, and one set of grandparents. What little family I have is great, and I always love spending time with them on the holidays and otherwise, but it was really fun to have such a big group this year. (more…)

Cranberry Maple Breakfast Cake

Two weekends ago, a couple of friends I hadn’t seen since our college graduation came over to my new apartment for a visit. We’d all three originally met on the equestrian team, and spent many early mornings and late evenings together throughout our collegiate riding careers, but went on do to different things in different places after college. Fortunately though, two weekends ago we all happened to be in the same place at the same time, and finally got to catch up! (more…)

Cranberry Bliss Bars

A couple of weeks ago I attended my very first baby shower for one of my coworkers at the office. It seems that at my age, I should’ve attended at least one or two baby showers in my time, but somehow I’ve missed out until now, so going to my first one was exciting. What would happen? Would we play games? Did I need to get her a gift or would we get an office gift? What’s even an appropriate gift for a coworker’s unborn baby?! All I really know how to do is bake things for people that make them happy, so for this occasion that’s exactly what I did. And these bars came out great!


Orange-Cranberry Nut Muffins

To me, there’s little better than a hot latte and a fresh pastry to go with it for a weekend breakfast. During the week I am diligent about how much exercise I get and what types of food I put into my body, but on the weekends I let it slide a little, and love having a muffin or a scone for breakfast, sometimes even two days in a row! It’s always such a treat for me, and part of being a baker is that I can often create pastries that are as good as, if not better than those you can buy at a bakery. (more…)

Whole Wheat Bagels

Sometimes I am not the best planner when it comes to baking. I can plan out my life for weeks in advance, but time in the kitchen? Not so much. Often on a whim, I’ll decide I need something sweet immediately, so I’ll rummage through the pantry and throw something together. In those instances, I am limited by what I have on hand, but usually I can come up with something plenty delicious. It’s much less frequently that I actually plan ahead of time to make something specific, though I do have my monthly Secret Recipe Club challenge to keep my on track. Or at least I should… (more…)

Common Ground Bistro Dinner Menu

A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip into the bitter cold to check out the new bistro menu at Common Ground in Allston. I went to BU as an undergrad, and at that time, Common Ground was really nothing more than an average neighborhood bar. Since Bob O’Guin took ownership, it seems things just keep improving! Over the summer, I had a chance to sit out on their back patio, and enjoyed a really tasty summer menu. It was a fun little escape in the city that I loved to discover. Last week’s experience was another good one – we tried a good variety of menu items, all made in-house, and I was pleased to find myself enjoying each and every bite. (more…)

Vermont Cookie Love

When I was approached recently to sample some cookies from a local company in Vermont, I was thrilled. I can honestly never turn down a cookie – must be the baker in me! – but cookies hailing from Vermont sounded even more intriguing. I have a deep-rooted love for/obsession with Vermont, and dream of moving there someday, so pretty much anything that creates an association with the state or reminds me of my fond memories of visiting it, I love.


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