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WORLDFOODS Fusion Taste Team Creations

I’ve got a bit of a different post for you today – a couple of savory dishes! A few months ago, I signed on to become a member of the WORLDFOODS Fusion Taste Team for Massachusetts. WORLDFOODS is hosting a blogger competition across five states, Massachusetts, Michigan, California, Texas, New York and Maryland, and participants were tasked with using WORLDFOODS products to create inventive and delicious dishes.

The Massachusetts blogger team I’m working with – hosted by Renee of Eat.Live.Blog (who is also the founder of Boston Brunchers!) includes:

Sharon @Umommy
Erin @agirlandhermutt
Rachel @Blumie
Kerrie @itakepicsoffood

WORLDFOODS Fusion Taste Team Creations

A bit of an intro from the WORLDFOODS website:

WORLDFOODS is a pioneer in the Fusion and Asian food industry. In the last 2 decades we have seen an explosion in the demand for fusion food resulting in both new North African, Asian and Mediterranean restaurants form in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore to France, UK and the US.

Each WORLDFOODS recipe is developed from local blends using 100% natural ingredients, traditional herbs and spices. We have a range of fusion flavors whether you are a Chef or a busy homemaker; with a range of Asian sauces from Thailand, Malaysia, China and India. We are working on new recipes from the Middle East, Latin America, African, French, German and Italy.

WORLDFOODS now produces a range of seven ready-made sauces totaling 51 variations in all. Our panel of experts, comprising chefs, nutritionists, market researchers and experienced food-tasters, are constantly seeking new and exciting ways to bring out the best of flavors without using artificial ingredients. We do not use preservatives and artificial flavorings. Our products are food allergens free, trans-fat free and gluten free with no artificial preservatives, coloring or flavouring. We aim for range of “clean” products that are suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Celiacs and Muslims.

The beauty of these sauces if you can start with simple ingredients – some veggies and protein, add sauce, and you’ve immediately got a meal. I tried three different sauces – the first was Singaporean ‘Xin Zhou’ noodle sauce, which I added to sliced mushrooms, red bell peppers, chicken and spaghetti sqush. I sauteed the veggies and chicken, then added the sauce. As soon as it was simmering, I scraped the spaghetti squash out of it’s shell, folded it into the veggies and sauce to coat, then serve it back in the empty squash shell! It was super simple to throw together, and tasted great.

The second sauce I tried was Thai Coconut Galangal stir fry sauce, which I tossed in with some crispy oven baked tofu. That was served over a bed of chopped sauteed brussels sprouts and pre-cooked quinoa. I ended up mixing all of the ingredients together, which let the sauce coat all the components of the dish, and it tasted great. I like this even better than the spaghetti squash concoction!

WORLDFOODS Fusion Taste Team Creations

WORLDFOODS Fusion Taste Team Creations

Not pictured, but a third recipe I tried included the Thai Red Curry cooking sauce. I added it to a curried cauliflower dish I made, and it added an extra level of flavor that we really enjoyed.

The biggest thing about these sauces is the ease of use. It takes no time at all to incorporate them into a dish, and they are all perfectly seasoned and spiced, so you dont have to worry about adding too much or too little flavor. They’re tasty but not too strong and overpowering, and there are so many flavor options that you’ll never get bored.

Disclaimer: I was provided WORLDFOODS products free of charge, however I am not being compensated for these recipes or product reviews. As usual, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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