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Vermont Cookie Love

When I was approached recently to sample some cookies from a local company in Vermont, I was thrilled. I can honestly never turn down a cookie – must be the baker in me! – but cookies hailing from Vermont sounded even more intriguing. I have a deep-rooted love for/obsession with Vermont, and dream of moving there someday, so pretty much anything that creates an association with the state or reminds me of my fond memories of visiting it, I love.

When I started learning more about Vermont Cookie Love (which is an adorable name), I got even more enthused about the company and the product. I felt that familiar fire light up in me that I so often do when discussing small, self-started specialty businesses, because it ultimately makes me think of my own dream of having a bakery or specialty foods store.

But that’s neither here nor there, just another reason I was so psyched about this company and trying their product. Vermont Cookie Love was the brainchild of husband and wife duo Paul and Suzanna, who relocated from NYC to rural Vermont looking for something of a new start. They started selling their frozen cookie dough at a local farmers market in June 2007, and it’s only been up from there. They still sell the frozen cookie dough, but also sell pre-made cookies, which is what I tried and they were all pretty fantastic.

What I loved most about the cookies I tried is that they tasted homemade, almost like I’d just pulled them out of my own oven. They had no traces of that chemically processed flavor you sometimes get with pre-packaged baked goods. These cookies have some serious heft, a wonderful balance between dense and chewy, but never dry. I was especially impressed by that fact, since they traveled to me by mail, and I didn’t eat them for a couple of days after they arrived.

We tried 8 flavors. In this photo (clockwise from the top left): First Love (chocolate chip), Puppy Love (peanut butter chocolate chip), Addicted to Love (mocha chocolate chip) and a new cookie called Enduring Love (coconut, oatmeal, chocolate chip, almond, dried cranberry)

The First Love was really good. I am a chocolate chip cookie lover – the very first recipe I memorized and made all the time as a kid was a chocolate chip cookie recipe – so they hold a special place in my heart. I also really liked the Addicted to Love, it had a nice mocha flavor without it being too overpowering. The Puppy Love had a nice consistency for a peanut butter cookie, which is impressive because I tend not to like the texture of peanut butter cookies. And the Enduring Love was great too, I loved the contrasting flavors and textures. I like a lot of chunks in my cookies – chocolate, nuts, dried fruit – and these cookies are definitely plentiful in that department!

In this photo (clockwise from the top left): Fall in Love (pumpkin chocolate chip), Forbidden Love (triple chocolate), Summer Love (white chocolate and berries) and True Love (oatmeal and cranberries).

I was again impressed with texture in the Fall in Love cookie, as pumpkin cookies tend to be very cakey. This cookie was a bit cakey, but also more dense than typical pumpkin cookies, and it had a little bit of chew to it. The Forbidden Love was very rich with a wonderful chocolate flavor. It wasn’t too sweet which really let the chocolate shine through – I loved it. And even though they weren’t my favorites, I still have only great things to say about the Forbidden Love and Summer Love. Two more awesome cookies.

I was excited to find I loved each and every one of these cookies. I can be a bit picky with cookies since I have a particular taste and consistency I prefer, and can make really good ones at home. But these cookies were all so delicious – if you ever see Cookie Love products I suggest you give them a try!

Vermont Cookie Love cookies and frozen dough are available all over New England. You can find them in Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. For a complete list of retailers, visit their website.

Thanks to Cookie Love for letting me try some of their wonderful cookies, it was such a treat!

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