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Scups in the Harbour

Now that I don’t live right in Boston, I miss it every second I’m away. So I make trips there often, and always try to find a yummy food place I haven’t tried yet (or hit up the usual favorites — can’t go wrong there!). This past weekend, a few friends from Sydney and I had brunch planned, but no destination. One of them mentioned Scups, which I had heard of, but knew nothing about. However, I knew it had gotten consistently good reviews, and it was on the outskirts of Boston so sure to be an adventure to find. I’m comfortable in Boston proper, driving around and not getting lost, but anything outside of the city is tricky. So we went for a mini road trip!

Scups in the Harbour has a very fitting name — you drive out to East Boston, and say hello to the harbor master who lets you pass on through to Scups, which sits, not surprisingly, right on the harbor! It’s in a big brick building, the exterior of which is adorned with a whole bunch of random objects, and has a nice patio out front. You walk in, and it’s completely confusing — straight ahead is a staircase, and then to the left is the “restaurant.” It looks kind of like a place you’d go to drop off deliveries at a warehouse, but in the best possible way of course! Once inside (and the inside is tiny), you find it to be quite comfy and welcoming. There are many more random artifacts and decorations inside, covering the walls and all over the tables. There is a small bar with stools right by the window, and if you keep going there is a tiny little window where you wait in line to order your food. To the left, a long communal table, and to the right, a few booths. The seating seems minimal, but as it was explained to me, it just works. You stand in line and wait to order, your food is made to order, and then by the time you’re ready to eat a seat has opened up. It’s so cool! We were lucky enough to snag a few seats at the end of the communal table, and it was great. We talked to an older couple who’d been a few times, and a couple of tourists who had fortunately found their way to the restaurant as well.

Anyway, I’m getting carried away. It was a super cool place. But onto the food, shall we? IT WAS FANTASTIC. The menu is small but every single thing sounds divine. I was torn between the Ultimate BLT (“made with Cabot xtra sharp Cheddar, cherry wood smoked bacon, Roasted tomato, Basil pesto mayo and Red leaf lettuce served on 100% whole wheat bread”) and the Fried Egg Sandwich (“with lettuce and a tangy garlic mayo on locally baked grilled Vienna bread”). They also had a french toast special made with brioche and fresh strawberries that sounded awesome, but the fried egg sandwich won out in the end. I had them add bacon and tomatoes, sort of like a build-your-own BLT with fried eggs and the most delicious mayonnaise. It was seriously out of this world, words cannot even describe. One friend got the fried egg sandwich prepared the same way I did, and the other got the BLT. We left full (fat) and happy — it was incredible.

Another really cool thing about Scups is that they have homemade drinks, both regulars on the menu and also seasonal specials. That particular day, they had a watermelon cooler made with fresh watermelon juice and ginger syrup (YUM!), but I’d heard the honey mint tea was really good (like so good you it would be a sin to miss it), and less sweet, so that’s what I had. It was also quite fantastic, refreshing and delicious.

Somehow between the time I ordered, took 10,000 photos of my honey mint tea, and devoured my sandwich, I completely forgot to take a picture of the actual sandwich, which was the star of the morning! Oopsies. If you’d seen it, you’d run out the door this second to Scups, no joke. And furthermore, if you’ve never been, and you don’t go after reading this, then SHAME on you. Your life is not complete!

Fortunately, Lucy — one of my dining companions — is a fabulous photographer (for Grub Street Boston) and took photos of sandwiches allllll spring, including the BLT at Scups! Follow this link, and scroll to picture 25. DO IT!

I’m home for the weekend, playing with my film DSLR (from Lucy the photographer!) and relaxing for a few days. Sadly, I forgot my camera-to-computer cable, so I won’t be posting for a few days, but I’ve got a mini arsenal of posts coming this week once I’m back. Stay tuned! There are lots of yummy stuff to look forward to.

With love, and sugar. Enjoy!

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