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Brunch at Beat Hotel

The Beat Hotel is a fairly new (fall 2013) Harvard Square establishment, and I’ve been wanting to check it out ever since it opened. Their live music and funky decor were always intriguing, as was the menu which changes seasonally, something I always appreciate. This was the brunch that almost didn’t happen, thanks to a ski accident on my first EVER ski trip (trees and skiers don’t exactly mix, I learned), but I was able to hobble in at a snail’s pace for a delicious, lazy Sunday brunch.

I arrived late (darn parking in Harvard Square!) but was given ample time to settle in and take a peek at the menu before anyone came asking for my order. I really like when waiters are patient and not pushy — it’s such a nice touch. I picked a cocktail off the regular menu — the Bitter Truth — which was a bubbly drink made with Cava, Aperol, and Elderflower liqueur ($13.50). It was surprisingly on the sweeter side, but not too boozy for brunch. I also got a mug of coffee, which was quite delicious.


I was at a table of four, and after looking over the menu for a few minutes, we decided to order several dishes and share. Sharing is caring, especially when food is involved! Fortunately we were mostly on the same page in terms of what we wanted, and ordered a great variety of dishes.

Brunch at the Beat Hotel Cambridge - Sweetly Serendipity

We started with the Caramelized Apple and Cranberry Coffee Cake ($7.50), which was really delicious. Served with cinnamon honey butter, this cake was exceedingly moist, and had a lovely balance of buttery and sweet. It was a lot less heavy on the sugar than a traditional coffee cake, which I quite liked.

Brunch at the Beat Hotel Cambridge - Sweetly Serendipity
For our entrees, we shared the Wild Flower Honey and Lemon Pancakes with mixed berry compote ($14), the Mushroom and Fontina Omelette with toast, frites, and a house salad ($14.50), the Braised Short Ribs Eggs Benedict with house salad ($15.50) and the Bowl Azteca with Faroe Island Salmon, which had Adobo-Spiced Quinoa, Tomatillo Salsa, Fresh Corn, Squash, Green Beans, Avocado, Baby Spinach and more ($18). We also got a side of the Merguez Lamb Sausage ($5).

Brunch at the Beat Hotel Cambridge - Sweetly Serendipity
The pancakes were amazing — super light and fluffy, almost like pillowy soufflés. The omelette was loaded with fillings and plenty of cheese, which normally I really enjoy, though I found it to be somewhat plain. The fries served alongside it were quite delicious, however, and the house salad that came with a couple of the dishes was perfectly dressed.


The short ribs eggs benedict was a table favorite, loaded with tender and flavorful short rib. The eggs were perfectly poached, and the hollandaise sauce was tasty. I didn’t really try the Bowl Azteca, but it seemed a bit out of place amongst the other dishes.

The company was lovely and the pace of the brunch was relaxed, which was nice amidst a bustling restaurant! The live music was such a great backdrop — sometimes I find that live music can be a bit much, especially during a quiet meal, but in this instance it was perfect. The service was good — they were always around and easy to track down, but not at all overbearing. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated (if a bit full!), which is a great way to start off a Sunday.

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Disclaimer: This brunch was provided to me free of charge through my association with Boston Brunchers. As usual, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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