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Three Years

It’s been three years since Sweetly Serendipity came into being. I started writing here in my litte virtual world on January 26th, 2010. I’d just returned home from a semester abroad in Australia, desperate for a kitchen, and a desire to chronicle all of my adventures. I never expected to stick with it so long!

The truth is, I’ve come to completely adore this blog, and everything having to do with it, so very, very much. I’ve met so many people that I’d probably never have crossed paths with were it not for Sweetly Serendipity, and the countless hours I’ve spent in the kitchen creating edible content have filled me with so much pride and joy.


Three Year Blogiversary Cake-2


Three Year Blogiversary Cake

I started this blog for myself, almost as a virtual cookbook of sorts, and to this day still get so much satisfaction out of it. Even if I didn’t have other eyes perusing these pages and making these recipes, I think I’d still be here a coule of times a week, because there is something that feels so good about watching a recipe come to life with photographs and words. I enjoy going back through the steps, writing them out as I executed them in the kitchen, and showing off the final result. I still lack the photography skills I desire, and the giant vocabulary I admire in so many other writers, but at the end of the day I think this place represents me. And I love it so much!

Three Year Blogiversary Cake-6

I also love all of you, and am so eternally grateful for your visits, comments, kind words and support. Creating food is my passion, but it is 1,000 times better when I get to share it with someone else.

Three Year Blogiversary Cake

I plan on keeping this blog up for the next 3 years, and hopefully many more after that. I promise to work on my photography skills and learning to write more original recipes, if you promise to keep reading. After all, we’re in this together, right?!

Three Year Blogiversary Cake

Happy Birthday Sweetly Serendipity! I hope you enjoy this cake I made in your honor.

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