Good Eats and Sweet Treats from My Small Boston Kitchen

Third time’s the charm

Hello world! Where to start?!

I love baking. I love love. I love life. And I just returned from Australia, where I spent three and a half magnificent months studying, traveling, and having the experience of a lifetime. Now that I’m back, I’ve found that life is just like I left — and not nearly as wonderful as Australia. But as I left that amazing world behind, I came back to my kitchen, and rediscovered one of the greatest loves of my life: baking. Pre-Australia, I created a baking blog to keep track of my infrequent baking adventures. Baking (and food in general) has always been my passion, but lack of time and materials always kept my endeavors scattered and inconsistent. So I made the blog, Simply Sweet, to try to keep myself motivated, yet that blog failed pretty miserably. In the entire time I was stranded kitchen-less in Australia, I think I posted on it just once. So I figured if I was going to be a (temporary) baking blog failure, I should create a new blog on which to log my travels. Well, that one started with great intentions too, but after a couple of super-long posts and the guilt that always followed each undocumented Australian adventure, it just felt like too much. My inspiration was there, but whatever was driving the adventures to become written memories had disappeared.

Upon my return to the United States in the thick of the holiday season, I went through a baking frenzy. Not a single day went by when I didn’t cook or bake something, and some days it would be two or three things. With the excitement that came with every successfully conquered recipe, I wanted to share my exploits, and found myself once again turning to my blog. But the enthusiasm came a bit too late, so my first post-Australia blog post included upwards of 10 recipes and accompanying pictures… not so fun for my (theoretical) readers. Since then, I’ve tried another half-dozen recipes, and I’ve vowed to complete at least one new recipe a week, all with documentation! So it seemed past-time to start over fresh — and here we are.

I believe in making simple, sweet treats, little things to brighten a day, or let someone know (with the sweetness that they deserve) how much you care. I like to show people how I feel through the things that I bake, because I can understand and appreciate what good food (cooked with love) can do for someone.

And serendipity, well, it’s my favorite word.




1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
2. good fortune; luck

And that’s that. Here’s to this new blogging venture. May it prosper and grow, like a perfectly activated yeast dough starter.

With love, and sugar. Please enjoy!

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