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Seasons of Change

Growing up in New England, you learn from an early age the true magic of fall. In fact, I tend to believe it’s one of the only reasons that people actually live here, because you’d have to be half crazy otherwise, to endure our endless, frigid winters.

Fall in New England has a sort of mesmerizing quality to it, one that is unparalleled no matter where else you look. The way the sun brightens the sky in particular — it makes things look pleasantly hazy around the edges, and softer somehow. There are ample cider donuts and literally tons of apples, wild bursts of fiery color in the natural landscape, and a definite necessity for fashionable fall boots, sweaters, and scarves.

It’s also a season for change in the home. In the kitchen, light summer recipes made with beautiful local produce are replaced by homier, heartier dishes, heavy on the pumpkin. Smells of bright, bold mulling spaces waft from the oven as fresh loaves of spice bread are baking, and roasted root vegetables are practically a daily staple.

Seasons of Change - Sweetly Serendipity

In my living space, I start to prefer mason jars full of of dried flowers over their fresh, leafy counterparts, and shades of rich oranges, warm browns, and mustard yellows that I see in the world outside. Most times of the year I steer clear of faux floral accents, preferring instead to step into the garden and cut my own stems, but this time of year you can often get your hands on some great faux shrubbery, twigs, decorative branches, and other fall-inspired baubles to really brighten up your home.

Seasons of Change - Sweetly Serendipity

Seasons of Change - Sweetly Serendipity

Mixing a blend of antiques and modern accents, this table vignette feels like everything I love in one perfect little scene. The bold colors of fall spill out of a vintage metal pitcher, next to Yankee Magazine, a true New England staple, this issue loaded with everything you need to know about the state of fall in 2016. The pretty Cayu Live Edge side table is the perfect backdrop for this scene, with it’s pretty, polished finishes, and rustic, live-edge accents. It fits into my home like chunky wool socks fit my chilly toes from October to March, and I love it!

And yet almost at soon as we usher in fall, it seems to be on it’s way out, hastily pushed aside by even colder nights, frost-covered windows greeting us in the mornings, and signs of the season ahead assaulting our senses. And as much as I adore fall, this year I also can’t wait for what comes next.

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