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Ramblings: Goodbye, Summer

It seems like just yesterday that it was springtime, and we’d been blessed with a few days of early warmth. I can remember thinking how lucky we were to have the whole summer ahead. Long, languid days to fill however we wanted. Beaches and barbecues and vacations and relaxation. Three precious months of amazingness. And now I wonder, where the heck did summer go? How could it have passed by with such alarming speed? The long, sunny days have been replaced by increasingly shorter ones, brisk beginnings and rapidly fading daylight. School busses clog the roads, and pumpkin is everywhere. Even though fall is my favorite season, I’m just not quite ready to let this summer go.

The last time I wrote one of these posts, life was so very different. It’s amazing the changes that time can bring. Where things like summer are concerned, when time cannot possibly slow down enough, I detest the speed with which days blend together and fade away. But when the fall rolls around, something about the change of pace, the change in the air, provides a minute to take pause, and feel oddly grateful for the passing of time. Summer is beautiful and special and wonderful, but fall holds it’s own magic, too. Passing time brings new experiences, new opportunities, new seasons, and always a sense of hope for things to come.

Summer 2015 - Sweetly Serendipity

How did we get so lucky, indeed.

Back in February, when I wrote my first Ramblings post, I was attacking the new year with fervor. While not noted in that post, I had just met my new love… I just didn’t know it was him yet 🙂 I’d taken up boxing, and had tried skiing for the first time. I was becoming obsessed with running, and I’d started triathlon training. I was crafting up a storm, and despite the positively dismal winter weather, I was happy. My, oh my, how things have changed.

(1) Mom’s (Homemade) Blackberry syrup + gin + rosemary + lime (2) First time riding since surgery!(3) A view from the sky over middle-America (4) Hiking in Huntsville, Utah


I’m still happy as a clam, and pretty grateful for that, but feel like a wholly different person than I was seven months ago. Shortly after that post, I tore my ACL. Two months after that, I had ACL surgery. Two months after that, I bought a house. And another month along the way, I moved into said house. In all the little moments between the big ones, I’ve busy a busy bee, working on the house, getting out of city as much as possible, spending time with friends and family, clearly not blogging (oops…), rehabbing my knee as much as possible, and still managing to make it to work five days a week. What a whirlwind. I wouldn’t trade a second of it.

(1) Visiting some new (animal) friends (2) My favorite friendly ball of fluff
(3)  Burgers + the most amazing homemade ketchup (4) Cut-your-own sunflowers from a NH farm stand!


As we head into this new, most glorious fall season, I look forward to finding some quiet moments. Summer was magnificent, and full of so much love and happiness and fun that I sometimes don’t know if I really deserved it all. But now I’m ready to embrace the cool weather, and sweaters and spices and crunchy leaves and yet another transition. I’d like to finally settle into my house – finish a handful of painting projects, get the yard winter-ready, figure out how to revive a very sad and unhealthy apple tree in my new backyard, visit some friends I haven’t seen in a while, and get back into the kitchen. So I guess there won’t be that many quiet moments, but as with summer, I hope to relish each one.

(1) A perfectly balanced and boozy creation at Sweet Cheeks BBQ (2) Awesome family Sox game!(3) Finally back to boxing again (4) A homemade seafood feast on the Cape (grilled lobsters for the win!)


But before I do, I needed to pay homage to this most magnificent summer. It was a summer of so much change. So many new things. Finding happiness and finding myself, and continuing to appreciate all that I have, even when things don’t feel so good. And you’ll notice the typical cocktails + good food + animals + fitness. Even with all the change, I guess some things will always stay the same.

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