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On Paving the Road Ahead

Today is a big day in my world. I am starting a new job! I know people start new jobs all the time, but this one for me  is representative of the start to a new chapter. I looked long (long, long, long) and hard for a new position, and after many failed attempts and rejections and super close calls and bad fits, I found just the right one. I will be joining a fast growing company with ridiculously smart coworkers in a position that will challenge me every day. I am nervous because I want to do a great job and I know I have a huge learning curve ahead of me, but I am also so excited to have finally found a new place where I can put down some roots and show myself and everyone around me what I’m made of.

This start at a new job has made me think about a lot of other fresh starts and new beginnings. You have likely noticed that around these parts, I have been talking a lot more about life stuff lately, intermingled with the food, and that has been a really pleasant and welcome change for me. The more I have found myself, the more I have found my voice, and the kinds of things that I feel like sharing with others.


I have noticed with many bloggers before me that there comes a time after you’ve been blogging for a while when there is some sort of shift, a pivotal moment I guess, that will determine what happens next. I think in that moment, some decide blogging just isn’t for them and give it up, others go on hiatus while they figure out where they want to go, and others still will try to reinvent themselves. And with the arrival of this new job in my life, that pivotal moment for my blog has come too. I started this blog almost 5 years ago now (I honestly can’t believe that), and at nearly 5 years in, things feel like they are changing; like they need to change. So many things in my life have changed since I started writing here, so many parts of who I am, the bits and pieces that come together to define me. It’s a pretty cool thing, the way life grows and evolves — it’s also really hard and painful at times — but I think once you start moving in a new direction, you can’t stay rooted in the old place, tethered down by an outdated version of yourself.


One major thing hasn’t changed in the last 5 years, and that is how much I love food, and baking in particular. It is still one life’s greatest pleasures for me, and something I anticipate loving forever. But I love other things, too, and I’ve been letting those creep in more and more lately. Namely — I love to write. I love to talk about my feelings and the things I’m learning as I gain more life experience. I’m a pretty modest person, and I don’t necessarily believe that anything I have to say is original, particularly poignant, or altogether that important, but I have found other people’s writing to be such a great comfort at times, and so I think it’s always worth sharing my own experiences and insights. I figure if you’re not interested, you don’t need to read this blog, but on the rare occasion that my words resonate with someone out there, well then that’s pretty cool. I never started this blog to make a name for myself, I started it as a personal outlet, and later tried to help it become a vehicle for creating community, building new connections, and finding my voice. It has done all of those things, and for that I am so grateful.


So I think I’m going to write to you more, and share the experiences that I have in my life, whether it’s a fun vacation or a great restaurant I checked out or a particularly kick-ass workout I did, or even just a really emotional thing that happened or pivotal moment I experienced that I think might click for someone else, too. All of this said, I hope you will stick along for the journey. It’s always more fun to ride this thing called life with other people in your corner 🙂

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