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Isabelle’s Curly Cakes

I know I don’t usually write reviews of places I’ve been, but I wanted to write about the wonderful cupcakes I’ve had at this place. I’ve always wanted to get into writing reviews, so who knows — maybe it’ll be my new thing? I don’t know that the BF could tolerate that many photos being taken of our food before we eat it though, so I might have to ease into it…

Just before New Years I had my first visit at Curly Cakes, the new cupcake bakery opened by Todd English’s daughter Isabelle. I’d heard very mixed reviews, so decided I needed to form my own opinion! The first cupcake I bought was the Chocolate Peanut butter — a chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter filling, and peanut butter buttercream with a chocolate drizzle and crushed Reese’s on top. I had bought it with the intent to share with the BF, but he wasn’t around that night so I threw it in the freezer to keep it from getting stale. A couple of days later, I actually got to go again, this time taking the BF with me (we’ll call him the weekend boyfriend for now). We shared a vanilla cupcake, which is so out of character for me — vanilla is usually so… well, vanilla, right? I mean, plain, bland, uninspired. But if you’ve ever listened to one thing I’ve said on this blog, hear this: the vanilla cupcake from Curly Cakes might very well be the best cupcake I have EVER eaten. It was moist and flavorful and had an incredible depth of flavor. The frosting was super light and airy — not too heavy as is often the case with cupcakes (read: Sweet Cupcakes, whose buttercream is too much for me). I’m still dreaming about this cupcake… we actually stopped in the middle of the road to focus on devouring it — it was gone in about 1 minute flat, hence the lack of photos. It’s so nice to have a boyfriend who likes to eat like me!

A night or two after that, I pulled the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake out of the freezer. It looked rather dry when I bought it, and I’d heard reviews of some of the cupcakes at Curly Cakes being dry, but I was pleasantly surprised. Didn’t touch the vanilla cupcake in terms of texture and flavor, but it was still a darn good cupcake. The frosting was more like a typical buttercream — heavier and more dense, but it was fitting given the powerful flavors combination. The cupcake itself was moist, and there was a hidden gem of PB in the center, so good!

On a whim today, weekend boyfriend and I went to Curly Cakes again, and this time got the triple chocolate cupcake, and another vanilla cupcake (of course). We ate them both in the store, which has two tiny little tables by the window. They were both delicious — very different from each other, but equally good. The chocolate was filled with a chocolate pastry cream, and had a generous layer of chocolate buttercream on top, with a dark chocolate drizzle, chocolate shavings, and cocoa puffs! So moist and so good. And as if those two weren’t enough, I grabbed a Boston Cream cupcake to-go!

Even though it’s had less than stellar reviews, Curly Cakes has been nothing but good to me so far. For cupcakes, these sare really expensive ($3.95/each for the regulars, $4.50/each for the specialty cupcakes like the Triple Chocolate), but if you only indulge from time to time, they are totally worth it!

81 Charles St
(between Mount Vernon St & Pinckney St)
Boston, MA 02114

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  1. Michelle says:

    I went to Curly Cakes a little before Christmas and I really liked them a lot. The Boston Cream Pie cupcake was really moist but the Apple Cobbler one was a tad dry. Still, great addition to the neighborhood!

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