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Giving Thanks (and Pistachio Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Today is a special day. Today is the day we all pause to consider the things we’re grateful for, the bits and pieces of our lives that make each day worth living, and each moment special. With all of this top of mind, I wanted to take a moment to share my thanks for those things and people I am so very, very grateful for this year.

This year, more than anything, I am grateful for my family. My parents have grown and learned with me this year more than I think any other year of my life, something they surely could not have expected with an adult daughter. They bent when I needed them to, listened when I called sobbing, gave strong hugs at every chance, and gave me guidance when I asked. It was not an easy year for any of us, but we’re all so much stronger for it. I’m grateful, too, for my brother, for being the positive spirit he always is, choosing to fixate on things he loves, instead of lamenting over the things he can’t change. He has no clue how powerful of a figure he is in my life, and I love him to pieces.

Pistachio Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies - Sweetly Serendipity

I am grateful for my friends. This year has shown me who my true friends are, it has brought old friends from the past back into my present, and it has strengthened bonds that I simply couldn’t have made it through without. I have always wished that making friends was easier for me, but this year I decided to try to be a better friend to those people I already count amongst the most important in my life, and I found that the old adage “quality over quantity” is just so true.

Pistachio Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies - Sweetly Serendipity

I am grateful for personal strength and the ability to grow and learn; the ability to chart your own path through life, and the wisdom that allows that to happen. I’m grateful for this blog, and the outlet it provides, and the opportunity to have my own space that I can create just to my liking, and to share it with you all. Which leads me to say I am grateful for all of you, my readers, folks all over the country and even the world. Your messages brighten my day in ways I can’t begin to describe, and honestly you’re just the delicious icing on the top of this wonderful blogging cake. Thank you all so much for that.

Pistachio Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies - Sweetly Serendipity

I am grateful too, for this precious life, and for the opportunity to get up each day, and to live it in whatever way I choose. It took me 26 years to wake up to the fact that life is such a blessing, but now that I have, every new morning is a new opportunity to make something of myself, and I think there is no greater gift.

Pistachio Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies - Sweetly Serendipity

I am grateful for these cookies. For their simple presence in my life, and the few moments of pleasure each one ensures. These are the same cookies in this recipe, except with pistachios swapped in in place of the fresh cranberries. Good stuff, I tell you — and I hope your Thanksgiving is full of so many delicious bites of food, so many special moments with friends and family, and so much love and gratitude. Even if it’s been a tough year for you too, I encourage you to think about the things that get you out of bed every morning. When you pause to consider these things, I think we all find that our lives are much more abundantly good than we could have ever imagined.

With that, I wish you the Happiest Thanksgiving!

What are you grateful for today?

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