Good Eats and Sweet Treats from My Small Boston Kitchen

Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie

Graham Cracker Crust.┬áCheesecake. Pecan Pie. Spiced Apples. Whipped Cream. Salted Caramel. All in one dessert! The shortened name is merely an attempt to give a title to this outrageous dessert – Graham Cracker Cheesecake Pecan Pie Spiced Apple Whipped Cream Salted Caramel Cake just seems a bit long….

This dessert is not for the faint of heart – it’s sweet and rich and intense and has loads of flavor. There’s so much going on, yet each component is distinct and complements the others so nicely. It was the perfect Thanksgiving treat!

This pie/cheesecake/dessert contraption starts with a simple graham cracker crust. Layered on top is a generous dose of salted caramel sauce, followed by chopped pecans, sauteed apples, and a basic cheesecake. You’ll have to visit Brown Eyed Baker for the original recipe and much prettier photos (these photos happened after this pie sat in the fridge overnight, which didn’t help it’s looks at ALL), but the gist of it is this recipe is out of control. Flavor, flavor, flavor!

I was concerned that because there is so much going on, the flavors would get mangled and it would just taste like some super-sweet, forgettable dessert, but it really isn’t like that – it’s unlike any other dessert I’ve tasted, in a good way. If you don’t have a huge sweet tooth, this may not be for you, because it’s definitely super rich, but a little slice goes a long way and it’s really soul-satisfying.

The creamy cheesecake helps to soften the sweetness lent by the caramel and apples. The graham cracker crust gives a good cookie-like texture to each bite, and the pecans add a distinct crunch.

As mentioned earlier, the recipe comes from Brown Eyed Baker. Despite how it may appear, it’s pretty simple to make, and a definite crowd pleaser. Next time you’re looking to impress, give this recipe a try, and┬álet me know what you think!

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