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Unreal Monster Cookies

When I logged on to write this post today, I was feeling like it had been forever since I published something new. And guess what? It has been forever! Clearly my mind has been elsewhere, and I can’t say that today that sentiment is much different. In addition to planning a wedding (which is fast approaching), Kevin and I have decided to tackle the task of buying our first home… before our lease runs out August 1st. Add in typical spring/summer activities, a smattering of wedding events (mine and others), baby events (including the birth of my maid of honor’s first little girl!), and the regular 9-5, and it’s all I can do to sleep 6 hours every night and not lose my head when I’m awake. I’m happy, and there are a lot of big, exciting, life-altering events coming up, but this blog? It’s taking a backseat again.

I’ve found that as my personal life goes through busy times, my blogging dedication wanes. This is of course a normal part of the blogging process, it happens to every one of us (except those lucky few who get to do this for a living!), so I try not to worry when a week or two goes by without any new photos and recipes. I miss it when I’m away – especially getting into the kitchen to bake up some new content! – but I know that I will always return.

UNREAL Monster Cookies


Today I’m just sharing some photos and a recipe link – it’s not much, but it’s all I’ve got. That, and a promise to come back with bigger and better things very soon! There are some great, delicious, and fun posts in my blogging queue – it’s just a matter of getting to them!

UNREAL Monster Cookies-3

UNREAL Monster Cookies-4

As usual, I hope you bear with through this bit of silence, and come back to join me again when things have quieted down a smidge. Until then – happy baking! I hope you’re all having a wonderful spring, and if you’re in New England – enjoying the positively gorgeous weather!

UNREAL Monster Cookies-2

The recipe for these cookies comes from My Baking Addiction. I followed her recipe for Monster Cookies to a T, adding in UNREAL Chocolate Candies in place of M&M’s. UNREAL products are delicious, if you haven’t tried them yet, you should. And besides that, these cookies are GOOD STUFF! Go make them.

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  1. Good luck with everything! I took a blog break for a few weeks, and felt so much more refreshed and reinvigorated when I got back to blogging, so don’t worry too much about it. Monster cookies are awesome.

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