Good Eats and Sweet Treats from My Small Boston Kitchen

Mascarpone Brownies

During my time in Australia, I didn’t have access to a real kitchen. Sure, there was a “common kitchen” on each floor, but it consisted of several scratched and dirty stainless steel tables, an industrial-size sink, and an open oven that offered no opportunity for even the simplest batch of cookies — it broiled at best. So I settled for trying out all the local bakeries, and lived vicariously through all of my favorite blogs and occasional stories of fresh-baked goodies at home. It was hard though – easily the hardest (and yet the greatest) 3.5 months of my life in more ways than one. Getting back in the kitchen when I returned home was such a good feeling, and my passion has only continued to grow since.

One of the things I remember most from my Australia-to-home communications was a day when AW told me he’d made brownies. Usually I’m the baker in our relationship, and he takes care of the cooking and cocktails. But the one-bowl brownies apparently caught his eye, and I was so incredibly jealous I’m sure he felt it through the phone.

Luscious chocolate, smooth and creamy mascarpone cheese, and silky ganache, all baked together to create simple perfection. I dreamt about those brownies for days, and the curiosity never quite faded, because a few days ago I remembered those very brownies, and set out to try the recipe for myself.

It’s hard to describe the taste and texture of these brownies. I would say they’re fudgy, but I don’t really like fudge and I still love these. I’d say they’re light, but I don’t like cakey brownies either. So how do I convey to you the magic that these possess? It’s kind of like eating a dense chocolate souffle — their texture is light and airy, but the flavors are deep and delicious. They satisfy every feeling, and shower your mouth with a tantalizing array of sensations. They are smooth and creamy and absolutely perfect. Plus, they’re just about the simplest things to make. YUM!

With love and sugar, enjoy!

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