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Domain Name Change! Plus Raspberry Lemonade Bars

Exciting news! I have registered a domain name!!! It’s a bit different than it was before, but still the same idea — the new URL is Since I’m mostly internet/blog illiterate, I’m not quite sure how this works, but I’m fairly certain that the old URL will still work, but the new one is better! It’s all mine, and oh so official. So… welcome! I will be teaching myself how to really build a website over the next few months, and hopefully it will become a beautiful masterpiece.But onto the good stuff. These Raspberry Lemonade Bars! It’s been torrential raining here in Boston for days, so it took me a while to get even decent natural light for taking pictures. Even today wasn’t great, but these bars were going fast, and I wanted some pictures before they were gone!

A mysterious thing happens in my apartment when I bake things, and this time was no different. A lot of times I’ll  make a huge batch of cookies, and try to force them onto my roommates (or anyone else who enters our apartment), because I have a rule where I can’t bake something else until (most of) the last thing I baked is gone. I don’t like waste, so it seems the only option, plus it usually keeps me from over-indulging. 🙂 But sometimes, like this particular occasion, I want to save what I’ve made, and for some reason it disappears at warp speed! So embarrassingly enough, I’m hoarding the raspberry lemonade bars in my BEDROOM to take home for Easter, because I’m worried if they remain in the kitchen that someone’s going to eat every last one. Does that make me crazy?

I hope not.

But back to the bars. They are quite yummy! And a very seasonal treat, I’d say. I’ve never made anything that ends up being pink, so these guys are something very new to me, though the flavor is familiar. They are quite like lemon bars, only with a hint of raspberry. They are the perfect springtime treat, and make for a lovely presentation as well. I substituted whole wheat flour for half of the all purpose in the shortbread crusts, and it has a remarkably delicious flavor — a bit nutty, but also very buttery — just like shortbread should be. The combination of a crumbly, buttery bottom and a silky, sweet custard is wonderful! I’m excited to take them home to my family, the real critics, to see what they think.

I posted the link for the recipe above, so please check it out! Hopefully these springy bars will bring with them some springy weather — allegedly the sun is supposed to shine on the city tomorrow, so fingers crossed that it happens!

And one more thing — a harmless plug really — AW’s mixology blog is back in action! It’s called Zenith Drinks, and you can visit it here. I may be partial, but he’s got a knack for writing, and even more skill for mixing drinks, so be sure to check it out. Especially the post and drink titled “Ochenta y Ocho”. It’s to die for.

Until next time…

With love, and sugar! Enjoy 🙂

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