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Quinoa Summer Salad

This will just be a quick post, but I did want to share this recipe because it was really yummy! A couple of weeks back, we were having company over but didn’t have much time to shop for ingredients. We had some quinoa in the cupboard, and I’d (surprisingly) never cooked with it before, so I went in search of some inspiration for a quinoa salad. (more…)

Santa Fe Breakfast Bake

This year for Father’s Day, I decided instead of (just) baking, I’d do something savory too. A Santa Fe Breakfast Bake. We’ve been doing a lot of cooking with chicken sausage in my house lately, so when I found this recipe it seemed like it’d be perfect to adapt a little. Plus, we’re all lovers of Mexican food, my Dad included, so this was right up his alley. It requires a little bit of planning ahead — you make the casserole the night before and then bake it off in the morning — but it is SO good, it’s definitely worth working into your schedule. (more…)

Homemade Grilled Pizzas

This past week, one of my cousins graduated from high school in Arizona, so my Mom and my brother went out to be with our family. That left just my Dad and me at home, left to fend for ourselves! Luckily we’re both fairly competent individuals, so we decided to make he most of it.


Savory Saturday: Goat Cheese and Chicken Orzo

One graduation down, one to go! I’ve officially graduated from the School of Management here, but the all-school commencement is tomorrow. It’s incredible how time flies — I feel like I met all of my wonderful friends just yesterday, but it was four whole years ago. I sure hope the coming years slow down a bit.


Savory Sunday Galore: Corn Spoon Pudding

After making a pretty killer banana pudding pie recipe earlier in the weekend, I was concerned about how well I’d be able to perform on Sunday. AW and I had successfully conquered a couple dozen shrimp on Saturday afternoon, wrapping them up in basil and prosciutto, then broiling them to a golden perfection, so I felt at least marginally more prepared for the savory dishes ahead. We faced quite a challenge: a frittata and a coffee cake for breakfast, and then cornbread and a tomato basil salad for dinner.


Outrageous Coconut Brownies

What a wonderful Easter weekend! The weather was so fantastic, the food was incredible, and the company was unparalleled. Fortunately back in Boston, the sun’s still shining this morning, otherwise I think I’d be suffering some serious withdrawal. I had another marathon baking weekend, in between tanning (though you can’t see any results — I’m still white as a ghost!), riding my horse, and spending time with family. The first of three things I made were the brownies, a sweet treat for Saturday night. We had a very active day Saturday, so come Saturday evening, we were all ravenous and craving a hearty meal. So Savory Saturday commenced! (more…)

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