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Tomato Soup + a Review

When it comes to dining out, my tastes are wide and varied. There are times when I crave a greasy burger and a giant mound of fries, and other times when I’m in the mood for a really decadent, extravagant meal. More often than not, my preference lies right in the middle, and I’m fortunate to live in a great city with a lot of really fantastic dining options that fit the mold. (more…)

Land O’Lakes Grilled Cheese, Two Ways

I bet if you went out and polled 100 people you’d be hard pressed to find more than a handful that don’t love grilled cheese. It’s something many of us fell in love with as children, and still indulge in from time to time as adults. If you’re like me, your grilled cheese tastes have evolved over time – now a basic white bread grilled cheese sandwich isn’t as exciting as a more gourmet creation, featuring specialty cheeses and exciting add-ins. I don’t make grilled cheeses on a regular basis, but every once in a while I get a hankering for one, and it can’t be satisfied by anything less. (more…)

Lamb Meatball Multigrain Flatbread

**UPDATE:  Thanks to all of your votes, I am moving on to round 2 of the Lamb Pro Am competition! I’ll pair up with Chef Dante de Magistris of Restaurant dante , and together we’ll serve my flatbread recipe to Lamb Pro am event attendees on May 19th! If you’re free and in the Boston area, please come and check it out!!! You can get tickets here. **

I think it’s only fair if I get this off my chest up front: I don’t like lamb. That’s probably an awful admission to make when I’m about to tell you all about the 9-pound leg of lamb I battled to create this recipe, or the reason I did it. But it’s the truth – and I always tell you exactly how it is here! (more…)

Deconstructed Sweet Potato Turkey Shepard’s Pie

Is it just me, or is time absolutely FLYING right now? I’m really glad it’s spring and all, but seriously?! SLOW DOWN! When I got engaged, we had a whole year until the wedding, and now it’s only 6 months away – and I feel like I just got engaged yesterday. Perhaps I can blame the fact that I am extremely backed up with blog posts on the hyper-speed of time? Let’s just go with it… (more…)

Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese and Pepper Jelly Crostini

I have a bit of a different post to share with you today, with a very delicious and SIMPLE appetizer… in case you’re looking for a last minute NYE recipe, or just a great anytime snack. I know I usually share sweets, but like I’ve said before, I can’t subsist on sugar alone, so I do eat other things from time to time! (more…)

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