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A Return to Brunching at Puritan & Company

It’s been a long time since I had the pleasure of joining other hungry brunchers for a meal, but last weekend I had the pleasure of dining with the Boston Brunchers crew again. We met for a mid-day brunch at Puritan + Co. in Inman Square, for a cozy Sunday brunch. This was my first trip to Puritan & Company, and it was somewhat unlike what I had imagined – much brighter, and more airy, with lots of natural light, bright walls, and a subtle country decor. It was comfy and relaxed and I felt like I fit right in. Always such a nice environment to dine in! (more…)

Holiday Arts and Eats at Assembly Row

This time of year, crafts fairs are plentiful as holiday shopping season thrives. Since I was little, I’ve been attending small, local, artisanal fairs with my mom, and it’s always something we’ve enjoyed together. Now that I’ve settled in a different part of the state, we don’t have an opportunity to go to a lot of fairs together, but I still explore them whenever possible in my neck of the woods, and keep that tradition alive. I was offered a chance to attend the Holiday Arts and Eats event at Assembly Row recently, and was excited to add a new holiday fair to my list! (more…)

A Turducken for the Holidays

I know we generally talk about things with lots of sugar around here, but I occasionally have reason to talk about move savory dishes, and today is one of those days. For Thanksgiving this year, I was offered the opportunity to try a Turducken from Echelon Foods, and not just any turducken, the “Original Turducken.” As a member of a family who always serves traditional Thanksgiving dishes with a twist, this seemed like a perfect addition to our holiday table. After I mentioned it to my parents, they were both pretty psyched about the idea, so I picked up my turducken and got ready to roast! (more…)

Harvard Square City Wine Tour

A couple of weekends ago, I had the chance to try out a City Wine Tour through Harvard Square. I don’t often participate in tours around my own city, but was glad to have the opportunity to give something new a try. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, our group of 13 convened at Nubar with our host Joanne, and got down to the business of learning about wine! (more…)

Tomato Soup + a Review

When it comes to dining out, my tastes are wide and varied. There are times when I crave a greasy burger and a giant mound of fries, and other times when I’m in the mood for a really decadent, extravagant meal. More often than not, my preference lies right in the middle, and I’m fortunate to live in a great city with a lot of really fantastic dining options that fit the mold. (more…)

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