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Local Small Batch Goods at Olives & Grace

Before we dive in here, can I just say — I cannot believe it’s September. As I was writing this post shortly after 7pm, I couldn’t believe I needed to turn on my couch-side lamp to see my computer screen! Where did the summer go?! Every year I vow to make the most of the gorgeous weather, and then in the blink of an eye it’s over. I did have some great outdoor experiences this summer — got to take some boat trips, visit some beaches, ride my bike a lot, and spend plenty of quality time outside, but it still didn’t feel like enough. Never does! Good thing fall is the best season of the year, and we’ve still got that to look forward to. (more…)

A Sweet Time at Chestnut Hill Square

Given everything that’s been doing on lately, I have been doing my damnedest to stay super, duper busy. Sometimes its really exhausting, but other times pretty fun. I’ve always been a bit of a homebody, so its been an interesting change to be constantly on-the-go. Fortunately, it has forced me to take part in more activities than I normally would, and this recent Boston Brunchers event was one such experience! Normally, as the name so aptly describes, we get together and we as bloggers and brunch, but this particular event was something totally different — and totally up my alley. (more…)

Whale Watching with Boston Harbor Cruises + Giveaway

Last summer was a total dud as far as spending time outdoors is concerned. I think I made it to the beach a grand total of 2 times, even though I lived in South Boston mere steps from the beach, and had a car which made accessing coastal areas easy. So this summer, I vowed to change that. I still haven’t made it to the beach nearly as many times as I’d like, but I have been making a point to get outside more often, and even took my first trip out to the Harbor Islands recently. As luck would have it, the very week after I visited Spectacle Island for the day, Boston Harbor Cruises reached out and offered the opportunity to take part in their Boston Harbor Cruises Blogger Day Out. Given my great first experience, and desire to be on the water as much as possible, I eagerly agreed. (more…)

Brunching at Boston Chops

Ever since moving out of the South End a couple of years ago, I jump on basically any chance I get to go back. If money and parking were no object, I would move back in a heartbeat — I get very attached to places and the feelings they elicit, and the South End always just made me feel so good. Maybe it has something to do with the million dogs that inhabit the neighborhood, or the gorgeous brownstones shaded by old, wise trees. The uneven sidewalks, awesome coffee shops, and countless food options. It’s a wonderful place. (more…)

Healthy Habits Kitchen

Something I don’t yet understand, and perhaps won’t until I get there myself, is parenthood. How an adult (like me) can manage a full-time career, a family, friends, and time for themselves is just beyond my comprehension. I guess the last on that list sort of drops by the wayside, but the rest of the stuff is still there, and I’ve always been completely perplexed as to how people handle it. My parents both worked full-time while I was growing up, yet I had a rich, fulfilling, and happy childhood, and they both progressed in their careers and maintained a healthy social life. These days, I can barely fit in all of the things I need to do in my own life — work, friend time, family visits, more work, and hobbies. Often the things that fall off are the non-essentials, like cooking a delicious meal, baking a fresh batch of cookies, and clearly… keeping up with this blog! When Healthy Habits Kitchen got in touch with me about trying some of their meal kits, I was pretty ecstatic… delicious, wholesome food made in my own kitchen in no time flat? Color me intrigued. (more…)

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