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Healthy Habits Kitchen

Something I don’t yet understand, and perhaps won’t until I get there myself, is parenthood. How an adult (like me) can manage a full-time career, a family, friends, and time for themselves is just beyond my comprehension. I guess the last on that list sort of drops by the wayside, but the rest of the stuff is still there, and I’ve always been completely perplexed as to how people handle it. My parents both worked full-time while I was growing up, yet I had a rich, fulfilling, and happy childhood, and they both progressed in their careers and maintained a healthy social life. These days, I can barely fit in all of the things I need to do in my own life — work, friend time, family visits, more work, and hobbies. Often the things that fall off are the non-essentials, like cooking a delicious meal, baking a fresh batch of cookies, and clearly… keeping up with this blog! When Healthy Habits Kitchen got in touch with me about trying some of their meal kits, I was pretty ecstatic… delicious, wholesome food made in my own kitchen in no time flat? Color me intrigued. (more…)

Spin. Sweat. Brunch.

Eating and exercising are two of my favorite things in the world. I get up at the crack of dawn 6 days a week to get my sweat on, partially because I love the way it makes me feel, but also, quite honestly, because it enables me to be flexible with my diet, and to indulge in sweets and treats when I want to. I’m fortunate to have found a really great balance between the two, so when that plate of fries comes calling, I welcome it with open arms. We all have our weaknesses right? (more…)

A Return to Brunching at Puritan & Company

It’s been a long time since I had the pleasure of joining other hungry brunchers for a meal, but last weekend I had the pleasure of dining with the Boston Brunchers crew again. We met for a mid-day brunch at Puritan + Co. in Inman Square, for a cozy Sunday brunch. This was my first trip to Puritan & Company, and it was somewhat unlike what I had imagined – much brighter, and more airy, with lots of natural light, bright walls, and a subtle country decor. It was comfy and relaxed and I felt like I fit right in. Always such a nice environment to dine in! (more…)

Holiday Arts and Eats at Assembly Row

This time of year, crafts fairs are plentiful as holiday shopping season thrives. Since I was little, I’ve been attending small, local, artisanal fairs with my mom, and it’s always something we’ve enjoyed together. Now that I’ve settled in a different part of the state, we don’t have an opportunity to go to a lot of fairs together, but I still explore them whenever possible in my neck of the woods, and keep that tradition alive. I was offered a chance to attend the Holiday Arts and Eats event at Assembly Row recently, and was excited to add a new holiday fair to my list! (more…)

A Turducken for the Holidays

I know we generally talk about things with lots of sugar around here, but I occasionally have reason to talk about move savory dishes, and today is one of those days. For Thanksgiving this year, I was offered the opportunity to try a Turducken from Echelon Foods, and not just any turducken, the “Original Turducken.” As a member of a family who always serves traditional Thanksgiving dishes with a twist, this seemed like a perfect addition to our holiday table. After I mentioned it to my parents, they were both pretty psyched about the idea, so I picked up my turducken and got ready to roast! (more…)

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