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Irish Whiskey Ginger Mule

Hiya! Happy Holiday Season! Personally I find it CRAZY that it’s already almost DECEMBER. How did this happen?! Wasn’t it just May and we were still shaking off the spring chill? Oy vey, what they say about time flying faster as you get older is unfortunately so true. Life has been a lot different lately in my little corner, as I cut back at my full-time job to focus more on my little business, Serendipity Lettering, and at the same time we got a puppy! She is a very good puppy, super duper mellow and mostly well behaved, but it’s still been a big adjustment. And because my work schedule has changed so dramatically (I now work from home almost exclusively), she has been mostly in my care and it’s a lot to take on! Good thing she’s so adorable. 🙂 (more…)

Blood Orange Gin Spritzer

Happy Holidays, friends! I hope this holiday season has been treating you well, and that you’ve got something fun planned to ring in the New Year. New Years Eve is typically one of my least favorite holidays, simply because it gets so hyped up, and rarely (for me, anyway) delivers on the hype. This year though, we made reservations at a local restaurant I’ve been dying to check out for ages, but that’s a bit too pricey for a typical run-of-the-mill dinner out. NYE seemed the perfect time to indulge a little bit more than normal, and I’m very excited for a low-key but delicious end to 2016!


Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

Happy weekend, all! And what a beautiful weekend it is. This past week brought us lots of really gorgeous weather — it was one of those weeks when being indoors at a desk was truly painful. I sit right by a window, so I was able to peer out from time to time, but I’ll tell ya — it’s just not the same! I thought I’d share something a bit more light-hearted with you today, to inject some positivity vibes around here. I’ve been trying to fill my time with things like baking brownies and drinking margaritas lately. And copious amounts of cycling to balance it all out, of course. (more…)

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