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Fresh Peach and Oat Muffins

A few years ago, this great cafe and artisan coffee shop opened near where my parents live. I’ve only been a handful of times but each time it’s been great. The coffee drinks are strong and smooth, and the baked goodies are fresh and flavorful. On my past visit, we had just finished a 20 mile bike ride, and were looking for some sustenance. We got a few large lattes (or course!) and a couple of muffins – the Oatmeal Raspberry which is my Dad’s favorite, and the Sunflower Peach. (more…)

Black Cherry Scones

Summer is a wonderful season, not only because of the abundant sunshine, beach trips, excuse to buy sundresses and endless days of donning flip-flops – but also because of all the wonderful produce that is in season. Cherries are undoubtedly one of my very favorite fruits, so I always have a bag of them lying around from my first sighting until the very end of the season. Mostly I just like to eat them, but every once in a while I like to put them into some sort of baked good, like the Chocolate Cherry Country Cake I made a few weeks ago (and have since made again), and also like these cherry scones, which we the solution to an early-morning sweets fix. (more…)

Banana Blueberry Streusel Muffins

Last weekend I made a trip home for the long weekend to spend some quality time with my family. For the most part it was a really great weekend – my extended family was in town for a memorial service, which is not the kind of reason you’d like to have for a family reunion, but nonetheless it was so great to get to see them all. With my tiny family scattered all over the US and Mexico, I rarely get to see anyone besides my immediate family and grandparents, so it’s always a treat to see my cousins, aunts and uncles. I also got to ride my horse THREE TIMES in one weekend… compared to the days when I rode seven days a week, that seems pretty shabby, but these days if I get out to see him one every month/month and a half, it’s pretty exciting. Three times in three days was epic… and my legs certainly felt it for the whole week after! (more…)

Whole Wheat Banana Blueberry Muffins

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been taking family trips to Martha’s Vineyard each year.  I feel like I know the island like the back of my hand, and love it like a second home. We have a few regular spots we stop into every trip, some well-known and other hidden gems we’ve discovered, but one place we make at least one visit to each time we’re there is the The Black Dog. Until recently, you could only buy their merchandise on the island, which made it all the more special to go in and browse. Everything is way over-priced, but that never stopped us from buying a new t-shirt for years on end, just as a keepsake to remember the many memories we’ve made there. On one particular trip a long time ago, we purchased the Black Dog Cookbook, and it’s been a family staple ever since. I think there are probably only a handful of recipes in it that we ever even make from it, but one of them is this muffin recipe, and it never gets old. (more…)

Strawberry Lemon Ricotta Muffins

I’m a muffin lover, it’s a fact. On weekends, my favorite thing to do is get up late, take my time getting out the door, and then make my way to a favorite local bakery for a muffin and a coffee. Kevin says muffins aren’t breakfast – they’re like an appetizer for him, but for me it totally hits the spot. There’s something so comforting about this big, fluffy cake-like pastry, bursting with fresh fruit, smelling of cinnamon, sprinkled with sugar – any which way is just fine with me. Recently I bought some strawberries because they were on sale (and I really love sales), and intended to use them for something breakfast-related. I keep a rather enormous excel document with all the recipes I find that I want to make – far more than I will ever have time in this lifetime to make (yet I will still try) – so I went through that, and pulled out some particularly tasty sounding strawberry muffins, and settled on this l recipe from Willow Bird Baking. (more…)

Flour Bakery Scones and Snacking Cake

A few weekends ago I went on a baking spree, turning first to my (and practically all of America’s) current cookbook obsession — Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe. I worked briefly at the original Flour Bakery + Cafe in the South End, and had frequent interactions with Joanne. Not only is she a remarkable chef and baker, she’s extremely nice too! She really understood the paramount importance of the customer experience too. So, of course, I got a copy of her book immediately after it came out, but had to surrender it to my mother as a Christmas gift when the cookbook went out of stock shortly after it’s first publication, and I couldn’t get my hands on another copy. Since I was home last weekend, I had unlimited access to the cookbook, so I got right to work! (more…)

Pumpkin Muffins

I know, I know, I’ve seriously been slacking lately. Every day when I come home and I open my computer, I see the little link to my blog sitting there, waiting, and my heart weeps a little bit — where has the crazy, passionate baker in me gone? Is she coming back soon? Because honestly, I kind of miss her like CRAZY. Here’s the deal: life is kicking my butt! (more…)

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