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Granola Coconut Banana Muffins, and a Birthday

Today is the fourth anniversary of the day this blog was born. In some ways, I feel like Sweetly Serendipity came out of the womb with me, it’s like a part of my identity, even in the quiet moments when weeks stretch on without so much as a word. We know each other in intimate ways, and the words I lay here are the truest words I know. In other ways, I feel like we’re still getting to know each other, I’m shifting and shaping each post carefully, and often wondering what our future together looks like. I look forward to it with the same excitement you might look forward to a marriage, or a deep friendship – I see so many good things and happy moments as far down the road as the eye can see, and that’s a pretty special thing. (more…)

Roasted Pear Ginger Oatmeal Muffins

I come from a family that loves spending time in the kitchen. Growing up we rarely had take-out meals, instead enjoying a fresh home cooked meal most nights of the week. I realize now how spoiled I was to have grown up that way, but I’m so grateful I did because it instilled in me this great love for food and cooking. Now whenever I go back home to visit my family, we continue the tradition of cooking and eating together. I, of course, love baking the most, and my parents are both really good at creating savory dishes (though my Mom’s a great baker as well, can’t discount that!), so we often have the perfect balance of sweet and savory dishes to go around. (more…)

Fig Corn Muffins

This past week was a tough one. I haven’t posted since early in the morning on Marathon Monday, I haven’t been able to gather thoughts in an appropriate manner, and it wasn’t the time for fun new recipe posts anyway. For those of you also in the Boston area, I hope you made it through the week safe and sound, and that you are gradually getting back into the swing of things. I can definitely say it’s a relief to be returning to normal, though I wish we’d never had to endure that week and those horrific events in the first place. (more…)

Oatmeal Muffins with Raisins, Dates and Walnuts

Muffins are such a wonderful breakfast treat. If done right, they are so satisfying and delicious, plus they come in individual portions, which means I can have one to myself and I don’t have to share :) There’s this small bakery/cafe in the South End of Boston, close to the gym Kevin and I go to, and we always stop there on Saturdays after a long week of gym visits. It might seem counter-intuitive to go and indulge right after we’ve busted our butts at the gym, but it’s always such a welcome reward, and since we go just once a week – it’s totally okay, right? (more…)

Strawberry Basil Almond Muffins

Welcome to post 2 on gluten-free baking! Gluten-free AND dairy-free. I sound like a whole lotta fun now don’t I?! But the good news is I met a GREAT dietitian who inspired me and made me feel hopeful for the first time in nearly two years, and most importantly made me believe that this crazy stupid elimination diet just might make me feel better. For those of you who feel fine every day it’s probably hard to imagine what it’s like to have pain 24/7/365, but for someone who’s had that for nearly two years, the idea that I might be able to lead a mostly pain-free life is hugely exciting! (more…)

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