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Fresh Peach Coffee Cake

I said I’d be back with another peach recipe, and here I am! Finally! I was really sick for much of the past week (what is up with getting sick in the summer?!), so it’s been really hard to write this post — either because the thought of food made me nauseous, or I was so starved for food but couldn’t eat it that looking at these photos made me ravenous. I got some crazy stomach bug or really intense food poisoning, so my diet the last several days has consisted of white bread, white rice, applesauce and bananas. Delicious! As someone who only eats predominantly whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, it’s been an interesting diversion… and certainly not an experience I need to repeat anytime soon. I do take it as a good sign that I’m craving most foods again though, and I seriously cannot wait until I’m finally able to eat veggies again — especially the beautiful tomatoes hanging out waiting to be picked in my back yard! (more…)

Strawberry Lemon Yogurt Cake

This month’s Secret Recipe Club challenge totally snuck up on me, and come Friday I still hadn’t made anything from my assigned blog, Shockingly Delicious. Fortunately, I had a wide open weekend of relaxation planned, so I was able to whip this together with ease for a lazy family breakfast on Saturday. And it’s a good thing I did! This cake was surprisingly fantastic. Moist and flavorful, and so nice to look at. I know it’s a long ways away from true strawberry season, but this felt so lush and springy and wonderful. Thanks to Dorothy, the author of Shockingly Delicious, for the delicious inspiration! (more…)

Eggnog Cranberry Crumb Coffee Cake

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first post of 2012… probably should’ve been posted in 2011, but I got a little excited in the kitchen, and a little lazy on the blog, so I’m still working through holiday posts. Not to fear – there are only a few left, and I have so many fun and exciting ideas for the new year! In the meantime, this recipe would be great for using up any leftover eggnog you’ve still got lying around from the holidays. It’s not heavy on the eggnog flavor, but is still extremely flavorful. (more…)

Maple Apple Coffee Cake

I’ve been loving the fall flavors lately, even though we’re safely settled in the month of December now and I should be thinking more along the lines of gingerbreads and Christmas cookies. Maple and apple and warm toasted nut flavors just pull me in and I can’t say no. This cake is another along the lines of those warm, spicy fall flavors, with an emenating warmth that wraps you up and makes you feel so very happy. (more…)

Cranberry Maple Breakfast Cake

Two weekends ago, a couple of friends I hadn’t seen since our college graduation came over to my new apartment for a visit. We’d all three originally met on the equestrian team, and spent many early mornings and late evenings together throughout our collegiate riding careers, but went on do to different things in different places after college. Fortunately though, two weekends ago we all happened to be in the same place at the same time, and finally got to catch up! (more…)

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