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Lemon Cream Cheese Sticky Buns

The very first recipe I really ever crafted to call my own was for sticky buns. It was derived from a maple sticky bun recipe in an old issue of Bon Appetit, but I made some significant alterations, and it became my signature masterpiece. But sticky buns aren’t something you can just whip up anytime you’d like, so I reserve that recipe for special occasions. (more…)

Brioche success

For a long time, perfectly executed brioche dough has completely eluded me. I don’t know what the problem is but I’ve tried two or three times (at least), and never once has the result been light and buttery as it should be. The first time, after the dough’s overnight rise, it looked like a big, hard lump, so I threw it out. That was my first mistake, because as I have come to learn, the dough needs a night in the fridge before it rises — it doesn’t actually rise in the cold. Oops. So then I made it again, and it came out of the fridge looking cold and lumpy, but I formed it anyway thinking it’d proof as it should once out of it’s chilly sleep, and it didn’t! So I baked one very dense loaf, which tasted pretty good, but wasn’t what it was supposed to be. Still, it was an improvement, and that particular failure became a phenomenal batch of french toast. Not so bad. (more…)

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