Good Eats and Sweet Treats from My Small Boston Kitchen

Spring Break Baking Weekend

First, I have to start with a Julia Child quote that I saw yesterday that I absolutely love. She says:

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

What a wise, wise woman. She really does know just how to put it! The only thing I might change is the steak part, where I’d insert something like “waiting for the cookies to bake.” Everything in my life revolves around sugar, and when the oven timer rings!

Speaking of sugar, this baking weekend has officially begun! I arrived home last night for a few days of relaxation during my “spring break” (work break, really), and didn’t let my head hit the pillow until I’d gotten my ingredients measured out and ready for today’s breakfast. I recently came across a new blog, Vanilla Sugar, and on it, a fantastic recipe for Banana Espresso Crumb Cake. It sounded delicious, and added just enough of a twist to my favorite breakfast treat of all time (banana bread, of course) that I felt justified in making it. My mom was excited to use the rotten bananas she’d set aside, so it seemed like the perfect thing to make.

And it was! It came out moist and crumbly and wonderful. We were rushing out the door early this morning, so I pre-portioned everyone (small) pieces of the crumb cake, and it was simply not enough. Fortunately, there was a whole pan to snack on when we got home!

Tonight, Savory Saturday is back in action, and hopefully it’ll entail some sweets too. There has been talk of some chocolate souffle action (though souffle’s kind of intimidate me — a fear I surely must overcome), and if that falls through, there will definitely be some chocolate chip cookies made and consumed. I’m also going to make some brioche dough, a challenge I have never mastered, and set that in the fridge for its overnight proof. Hopefully all goes well, and tomorrow I’ll be churning out some brioche-based treats — I’m thinking Monkey Bread, or maybe some sort of sweet buns. Who really knows!

After that, if my family hasn’t banned baking, there could be more, but only time will tell.

With love, savory sweets, and lots of sugar!

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