Good Eats and Sweet Treats from My Small Boston Kitchen

My all-time favorite: Banana Bread

Since I’m making up for lost time, and need to give this new blog some substance, I’m going back to the past few weeks’ recipes and sharing them! I’ve long been a fan of banana bread, in fact some of my earliest memories involve the consumption (in mass quantities) of banana bread at family functions and holiday parties. As soon as I started to bake, it was one of the first things I tried. Since then, I’ve tried every recipe I can get my hands on. But since I found this one, I’ve never tried another. Call me crazy, but when you find perfection, why mess with it?

In my lovely city of Boston, there’s a wonderful little bakery in the South End neighborhood called Flour. I have long been a devoted customer, and one of their biggest word-of-mouth advocates, though I doubt they know it. I had a brief stint as an employee there this past summer, and even that couldn’t didn’t dampen my love for their pastries and people.

The place is like heaven for baked-good-addicts like myself, and the feel-good vibes that infiltrate your soul the second you step in the door only help you to fall in love. And one of the best things they make just happens to be one of their few recipes available online — Banana Bread. I’ve tried this recipe too many times to count, sometimes with nuts, sometime without, sometimes with three bananas, other times with four, and this last time I added chocolate chips while my baking buddy made hers with whole wheat flour, and they were both incredible. You simply can’t mess it up, and it’s an absolute breeze to make. Usually such decadent indulgences cost you extra time and money, but all this recipe costs you is a few extra calories, and it’s totally worth it.

With love, sugar, and some extra dark chocolate. Enjoy!

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