Good Eats and Sweet Treats from My Small Boston Kitchen

Flour Bakery Scones and Snacking Cake

A few weekends ago I went on a baking spree, turning first to my (and practically all of America’s) current cookbook obsession — Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe. I worked briefly at the original Flour Bakery + Cafe in the South End, and had frequent interactions with Joanne. Not only is she a remarkable chef and baker, she’s extremely nice too! She really understood the paramount importance of the customer experience too. So, of course, I got a copy of her book immediately after it came out, but had to surrender it to my mother as a Christmas gift when the cookbook went out of stock shortly after it’s first publication, and I couldn’t get my hands on another copy. Since I was home last weekend, I had unlimited access to the cookbook, so I got right to work!

There are so many phenomenal recipes in the cookbook, so picking just one to make was a task in itself. I couldn’t settle on one, so I made two. I mean after all, can you EVER have too much of such a good thing? I think not.

My first endeavor was the Apple Snacking Cake, which is one of my favorite things they make at Flour. I think it’s a seriously under-appreciated baked good — it’s all apples and cinnamon and nutty goodness. Mmm! I made the apple snacking cake first, and holy moly, it was phenomenal. I was super excited that it tasted exactly like the version from Flour, and it even looked like it! Everything about it was perfect — we finished the whole pan in two days.

Next I made the Lemon Ginger Scones, which I always loved to snack on when I worked at the bakery. I think scones are often thought to be dry, crumbly and relatively flavorless, but these scones completely crush that stereotype. They are fantastically light and bright in flavor, and flaky and texture, and kind of just like heaven in your mouth. Served with a cup of coffee (or a homemade latte), they are very nearly perfect.

I finally have my copy of the cookbook ordered, so soon I’ll share more! In the meantime, I’m lucky I’ve got the three Flour locations close by to hold me over.

I’m keeping it short tonight, because the (weekend) boyfriend is coming home from his trip abroad tomorrow! I’ve got to be well rested for my trip to the airport to pick him up! So true that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and it helps when you’ve got someone so fantastic to be fond of! I’ve got a Valentine’s treat planned for him, so stay tuned for that, and some INCREDIBLE cookies too… they’re coming soon, I promise!

With extra love and sugar, Enjoy!

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