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Espresso Banana Bread

You read right… I have another Banana Bread recipe to share today. I know I’ve acknowledged my obsession before, and honestly… this probably won’t be the last time. I just love banana bread, what can I say?! This post has been sitting in my drafts for ohhh, about 4 months. That is not a joke. Why? Because I figured you’d never come back here to read this blog if I shared yet ANOTHER banana bread recipe! But then I thought, what’s one more? And I’m sure I’ll use that same logic again the next time I try to share a banana bread recipe with you… 🙂

I had actually planned to post this on Saturday, our moving day – I was going to have it scheduled and ready to go, and not even have to think  a thing of it. But of course life got in the way, and come this morning it was still sitting here as a draft. And since we are still just barely able to maneuver around our new apartment with all of the boxes and junk piled everywhere, getting into the kitchen is rather unlikely, so I’m sharing this now and will be back with some fantastic recipes later this week! (Fingers crossed…) I am hosting a bachelorette party on Saturday, so if you don’t hear from me again until next week, don’t be shocked. I just hope you’ll hang around!

Now, back to this banana bread. Don’t these photos just make you want to sprint to the kitchen and make this banana bread? There’s little I love more than how a perfectly baked, golden brown loaf of quick bread looks as it sits waiting to be eaten. The top of the loaf is wonderfully caramelized, with the characteristic crevice that makes it oh so appealing. It may sound silly, but when a loaf of bread looks like this out of the oven, I can almost taste it, and I just know it’s going to be a keeper.

So you want the recipe? Yes? No? Well, in the event that you do, you can find it here. My favorite banana bread recipe of all time calls for oil, but this recipe uses butter, and a touch of yogurt which I like. The walnuts are (in my opinion) imperative here – adding the perfect nutty crunch to a well-structured and dense bread.

And now I’m rambling, so I’ll leave you to it. See you on the other side of my mountain of moving boxes! I can’t wait until we reunite, because it means I can finally breath again. Oh, and I’ll be working in a BIGGER kitchen! Wahoo!


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