Good Eats and Sweet Treats from My Small Boston Kitchen


Playing with animals and sipping on hard cider. Typical.

Hello, and welcome to Sweetly Serendipity! My name is Taryn, and I’m a (current) Bostonian, born and raised in the quiet hills of Western Massachusetts. From a young age, cooking and baking were all around me – Tollhouse cookies in the kitchen with my grandma as a little girl, my own chocolate chip cookie recipe in the kitchen with my Mom when I was a teen… and so much more woven in throughout the years. I discovered early on that I have a knack for baking, and more than that, an extreme passion for it. Over the years my hobby has grown into something so much more, and out of it all this blog was born.

I really love food, and sharing it with those around me. To me, food = love, and there is nothing I love more than showering those I love with lots of delicious, delectable eats. Here you’ll find honest – for better or worse! – accounts of my baking experiences, and personal anecdotes to go along with them. The things I make are often inspired by a person or a circumstance, and I never miss an opportunity to share what inspires me. Sometimes you’ll see a restaurant review, cocktail recipe, vacation recap, savory creation, or life update post, but for the most part I’m all about the sugar. Baking is my ultimate life passion, and food is my biggest obsession, so if nothing else here I hope I can convey even the slightest bit of my excitement and enthusiasm for the culinary world to you.

I love to share recipes, and the things I’ve learned about them with others eager to learn and get better at the art of baking. My lifelong dream is to open a bakery, so I’m constantly looking for new and exciting bakery classes near me to keep improving my skills. I love baking and I want to know how to bake as many things as possible. But, until I’ve generated the capital and resources to do so, I’ll continue to keep playing in my kitchen and cooking up delicious confections. I hope you’ll stop in from time to time and enjoy the ride right along with me.

All the best – with loads of happiness and sugar. Happy Baking! 🙂

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